During the 2017 General Election, I co-created the GE2017 Tinder chat bot with Charlotte Goodman, after her initial tinder voter registration push. The GE2017 Tinder chat bot was a pioneering new way of reaching young voters, put together by a women-led team of four in 2 weeks.

It is estimated to have sent a total of over 30,000 messages to 18-25 year olds in marginal constituencies, such as Dudley North, held by only 22 votes. It was covered by the Times, New York Times, Indy, The Sun, GQ, Dazed, Mashable, Wired among others.

Yara on Canandian current affairs radio programme “The Current” on CBC.

Charlotte and Yara wrote about their tool in the in the New York Times.

We revived the tool with Fck Boris in the 2019 General Election. If you’re interested in using the tool please email me. We work with groups that are: socialist, fighting fascism and climate catastrophe, and committed to intersectional feminism.